Jul 042016
Bees swarming around the chimney

Bees swarming around the chimney

I had some very unwanted visitors today.

A swarm of 10,000 bees or more decided they liked the look of one of the chimneys on my house, and descended down inside to take over.  As much as I like bees and appreciate the honey they produce as good solid workers, I don’t care to share my home with them.  Especially when they go so far down the chimney they start to come out into the kitchen.  What’s more, they had made no pre-arrangement with me over rent and which I thought was very unreasonable of them too…

This just wasn’t on.

So I decided I had to call the pest controllers who responded very rapidly.  Steve turned up – he’s visits me every year at least once – and told me that the swarm would contain at least 10,000 bees, quite possibly 15,000, and there was no option but to encourage them to move on, or disappear, by giving them a dose of some unpleasant stuff.

So he got out his ladder, climbed up and first discovered that the cap (that he had put on the chimney top last year) had apparently been attacked by some large bird and there was a hole in it – very inviting to buzzing insects.  He came down, found a more solid replacement, went back up on the ladder and shot in the powder.

I’m sure the bees meant no harm.  But, they can be pretty scary, and I don’t enjoy being stung nor would my kids.  I was glad to be rid of them.  And – believe me – I won’t be buying any honey for some time to come…