Jul 102016

Samsung Galaxy S7 – on its way…!

It finally happened.

My venerable distinguished long-serving much-suffering loyal Samsung Galaxy S2, which has been my travelling companion across continents for a number of years, finally ended its service.  It got itself stuck in a boot-loop.

I may or may not be able to recover the data that I want – we will see this week – but in the meantime I have decided it really is NOW that I have to bite the bullet and upgrade.

So I have ordered the latest in the Samsung fleet, the highly-acclaimed GALAXY S7.  It’s on its way to me.

However, as with a computer upgrade, I shudder at the prospect of the change.  It’s such a major effort to implement.  All my favourite little tweaks, apps, functions, widgets, sounds, that I have lived with daily will no longer be there, at least not in the same way for most of them.  I am going to have to work to see what I can find – I like to keep things the same as much as I can; but I know it won’t happen.  So, rather like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, when he finally has to let go of Wilson (yes, ok, I know Wilson was only a volleyball, but he was an important volleyball), I have to move on from the S2.

Still, tomorrow is another day, as they say, and one must embrace change.  “Young minds, fresh ideas,” as Kirk said to Scotty.  We’ll see.  I hope it will be a good experience.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be smiling from the moment I take it out of the box.