Nov 152015
Terrorism - We Mustn't Wait for Attack

This weekend, people in Paris, in France and around the world have cried, mourned, felt anger and shock, yet are resolute and determined.  The loss of life is tragic, and there have to be questions asked of the French security forces; how could this attack have happened? However, this loss of life is not, I’m [Read More…]

Nov 082015
Henry V - RSC in London

600 years ago this year – in 1415 – Henry V, against all odds, won the Battle of Agincourt.  Just under 200 years later, Shakespeare wrote a play about it. I saw the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 1975 production of Henry V.  Henry was played by Alan Howard. It was a stirring performance, with Howard very [Read More…]

Oct 162015

It is scary to read in the press about the efforts of some scurrilous individuals to sell nuclear material to ISIS and other terrorist organizations.  I often wonder what makes some people want to kill others, particularly innocent children.  Hate?  Some perverted religious reason?  Or, just because they can?  Thankfully the forces of good have [Read More…]

Oct 102015
Moscow, The KGB & FSB: That Russian Bear

General Evgeny Kutuzov Vashinsky.  Deputy Director of the FSB. He has the suite of offices on the top floor wing (left in my picture) overlooking the Square. When I went to Moscow the research for SPIDER 2-3 was invaluable.  The weather was bleak and cold, every colour seemed dull and the rain was that biting kind [Read More…]

Sep 012015
Rialto Airport Gone

I was very saddened by the closure some months ago of one of my favourite airports – Rialto, in California. In Ian Fleming’s Diamonds are Forever – the original book, not the film – James Bond takes a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The plane heads inland over Hollywood and the Los Angeles [Read More…]