Jul 032016

A little something helps the flow of words

A little something helps the flow of words

There are definitely times in an author’s daily routine when a little something special is needed.

Now this doesn’t happen that often with me, but somehow today seemed like one of those days.  So I have to confess that I made my way down to the kitchen to the glasses cabinet and picked out a nicely-sized tumbler… then made my way to the freezer to grab some ice… then to the drinks cabinet…

I was certain I had something that was available hanging around in a bottle, just waiting for some attention.  My memory was – of course – spot on.  That’s because I am a Pilot, and I was able to apply my Pilot’s Brain to the matter.

Ah, that special vodka!  Am I flying tomorrow?  NO!!  Therefore the matter is settled.

So here we are with a Vodka on the Rocks, what I like to call an Author’s Special.

I encourage all other authors out there to follow my example.  As and when required.

Try the Author’s Special…