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Spider 2-3


Robert Vallier’s accomplished first novel.

SPIDER 2-3 in UK Retail giant WH SMITHS, at No. 40 in their Top 100 List

UK retail giant WH Smiths saw SPIDER 2-3 at position #40 in their Top 100 List.  With over 1,300 stores, WH Smiths is the UK’s premiere book retailer.  SPIDER 2-3 became an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

The sequel, DECOY 17, was similarly well received.

Hear Robert interviewed on the BBC in ‘The Other Side of Robert Vallier’ about his life,musical background and career.
SPIDER 2-3 can also be found on Amazon HERE in the USA, or your local country.

“An amazing piece of writing.”
– Laurie Marsh

“Breathless… First-rate… Gripping… A hotbed of deception, terrorism, and global intrigue. As intricately presented and unpredictable as the action is, Vallier is careful to fully develop his characters. Also adding texture are descriptions of the technological wizardry employed by both sides and exotic atmospheres that the author expertly depicts with both literal descriptions and evocative historical background… A tense, complex, and cleverly plotted work of international suspense with more than enough heroic gusto for future promised installments”

– Kirkus Reviews
“A powerfully moving read that’s hard to put down…If it’s nonstop, staccato action that’s desired, readers should definitely choose
Spider 2-3 above others.”

– Midwest Book Review
“Classic espionage… Vallier crafts a thrilling tale of international intrigue, attractive and headstrong characters, and a diabolical plot.”
– The Spectrum [The USA Today network]
“Spider 2-3 delivers the freedom… galloping, believable narrative… big boys’ stuff and none the worse for it.”
– Michael Wilson

“The Falcon is no Saint, he doesn’t have The Saint’s morals; he’s not a Bond, he doesn’t work for MI6. But if they passed in the street they would know each other well enough to say hello…”


About SPIDER 2-3:

A murder in Berlin…  A kidnapping in the Caribbean…  A girl held hostage and forced to reveal vital secrets.

The terrorist Malekka has joined forces with a Russian traitor from the upper corridors of power in the former KGB. Together they plot a raid on a military centre in South Africa.  It’s the first action of his international plan.  His parents died.  Now he’s going to kill over 3 million people.

Where is the attack to be? The United States? Great Britain? Jim Peregrine and the British intelligence are one step behind and play a deadly game of catch-up. Waiting for the breakthrough.

Yet all is not as it seems. Who exactly is who, and what side is being played, and by whom? JP sets out to unravel and defeat the plan. And find the girl.

Revenge is sweet.  JP means to take it.  And so does she.

3D Test 02 - 2 - Lighter
In Paperback and eBook

Hear Robert Vallier playing
Sir Patrick Moore’s Nocturne
on the ‘Moore Music’ CD

Spider 2-3 ISBN:
Paperback: 9780990881148
eBook: 9780990881179