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Decoy 17

Robert Vallier’s new Thriller Decoy 17 Published

It’s out!  Robert Vallier’s new thriller, Decoy 17, the second in the ‘Jim Peregrine Thriller’ series, has been published, and has quickly become an Amazon #1 Best Seller!

Jim Peregrine, aka ‘The Falcon’, is the English operative working with but outside MI6 and the normal rules of law, to track and bring down terrorist enemies of the West, helped by the love of his life, Special Agent Stephanie Raughton, and Anna Kepling. 

In this latest book, Decoy 17, The Falcon again takes on his nemesis, Barakah Malekka, in an effort to thwart Malekka’s intricate and deadly attack – to kill millions and destroy the Western economies.


“Relentless, dynamic, riveting…  Vallier employs a slick mixture of intrigue and action to keep the pages turning.”
– Kirkus Reviews
“An exciting and fast-paced international spy intrigue.”
– Laurie Marsh
“A powerful story of  espionage, terrorism, disaster, and one man who stands between the life and death of millions…  A riveting read packed with twists and turns that keep readers engaged and wondering to the end.”
– Midwest Book Review
“Intricately detailed, incident packed, punchy…  A sustained narrative of menace and edge-of-the-seat tension, the conclusion to which is shocking and highly effective.”
– Martin Fletcher

“Another great page turner…  Vallier leads the reader along a vertiginous route with skill and suspense.”
– Michael Wilson
“The Falcon is no Saint, he doesn’t have The Saint’s morals; he’s not a Bond, he doesn’t work for MI6. But if they passed in the street they would know each other well enough to say hello…”

Decoy 17:

A suicide in Sussex.  A killing in London.  A murder in Brazil.
What is the key that connects these events?

Jim Peregrine (the Falcon) and MI6 learn the terrorist Malekka has a second plot against the West.
Codename: Stingray.  

But they have no details.  
They don’t know Malekka’s plan will start in 6 days.  
Or that it will cripple the West’s economies.  Or that it will kill two million people.

All they have is a plane ticket to Central America, 
and two words scrawled by a dying man: DECOY 17.

The Falcon takes on his evil nemesis in a desperate race against the clock, 
to try to unravel what Stingray is and destroy it.

The trouble is… This time Malekka knows he’s coming.

Decoy 17
In Paperback and eBook

Hear Robert Vallier playing
Sir Patrick Moore’s Nocturne on the
‘Moore Music’ CD


Decoy 17 ISBN:
Paperback: 9780990881155
eBook: 9780990881162

DECOY 17 can also be found on Amazon HERE in the USA, or your local country, and on:
Nook (Barnes & Noble)



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